dental camp at autism ashram

Oral disorders have remained the most prevalent disease group in India over the last three decades. According to Government reports, more than 70% of the children are suffering from dental caries. Despite the scale of the problem, a very small percentage of children get their oral cavity examined by a dentist. And for children and adults with special needs, who do not brush their teeth well due to sensory issues, this leads to acute dental problems over time. KarmaHelp recently organized a dental camp at Autism Ashram, Hyderabad, India on May 31, 2020. Let’s have a sneak peek of the ashram, take a look at how the dental camp went, and know more about Autism Ashram and KarmaHelp:

Autism Ashram is India’s largest home for children and adults with Autism. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Anil Kundra, the ashram is India's first residential independent living for children and adults with Autism - Pioneering and Setting World-class standards. For more information on Autism Ashram and their mission, click here.

The ashram is an aesthetically designed campus, spread across 10 acres, and is equipped with all the facilities needed to care for the residents living on campus. The campus has been scientifically planned, artistically designed, and precisely constructed, thus, making it a special place for quality living for children and adults with autism.

Oral problems in Autistic children:

Differently-abled children and adults have equal or more oral concerns as compared to neuro-typical children and adults. A regular dental check-up is much more important for these children to ensure oral hygiene.

The Camp:

KarmaHelp assisted with setting up the camp in collaboration with Dr. Vijay Kanth and Dr. Anil Kundra.

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, safety measures and protocols were adhered to through the usage of proper gear and continuous sanitation of tools.

Dr. Vijay Kanth examined and diagnosed all the differently-abled residents at the ashram for dental issues. He provided medical advice and guidance on precautionary measures for their future needs.

Lack of sensory skills can add to problem behavior for many children and adults with special needs in a dental setting. To help prepare your child or adult with special needs for a dental visit, Dr. Kanth recommends:

  • Start visits at an early age and maintain 6-month check-ups.

  • Maintain oral health at home with brushing twice a day as part of the daily routine.

  • Roleplay at home with the children and adults with special needs to teach them about brushing and acting out dental exams.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Vijay Kanth (left), and Dr. Anil Kundra (middle) for making this camp a success.

"I feel honoured to be a part of this noble cause, which is amongst the many year-round welfare activities, Team Reqroute intends to do." - Anoop Kundra, EVP-Sales, Reqroute Inc. and Founder- Karmahelp

"The journey is long but with a dedicated team and unwavering focus, Team Reqroute is confident that it will achieve the overaching mission of social welfare." - Yash Dave, CEO - Reqroute Inc.

About KarmaHelp:

KarmaHelp, founded by global leader Anoop Kundra, was started as a project to provide much-needed assistance in the supply of essentials to the individuals in need during the COVID-19 crisis. But Anoop saw a greater vision for KarmaHelp and decided to extend the scope of KarmaHelp to help small businesses and individuals, both struggling to survive the current pandemic through workforce enablement and business continuity planning at zero cost. Our mission is to expand globally, and touch as many lives as we can through different welfare activities.

KarmaHelp plans to organize many such programs in the future. Our determination to achieve our mission, and truly become the champions of change is only getting stronger day by day.