A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness

These are unprecedented and challenging times. You are constantly worrying about your job security, surviving during a pandemic, and living through a time of political and social turmoil. During times like these, it is crucial to take care of your mental and emotional health by practicing mental wellness regularly. One crucial aspect of one’s mental wellness is practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing one’s attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment. By being present in the moment, you are able to train your mind to rid you of anxieties and negative thoughts, and this practice has recently gained even more popularity as recent research indicates that it can improve one’s mental and physical health.

Now that you know what mindfulness is, here are a few ways in which you can integrate this practice into your everyday life through mindfulness meditation:

1. Don’t hold back your thoughts. During mindfulness meditation, it is not uncommon for you to experience an onslaught of emotions and thoughts. It is best not to hold back and to let them flow through your body without judgment.

2. Concentration is key. Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment and concentrating on sensations around you like sound, touch, and smell can help you achieve that. It is important to not hold on to any one thought, instead pay attention to what enters and leaves your mind naturally.

3. Learn to redirect. If you find your mind wandering, which is known to do during meditation, gently redirect your thoughts to the present sensations you are experiencing.

4. Keep trying. Mindfulness isn’t a goal but more of a practice. If you struggle with it in the beginning, tell yourself that that is normal and keep practicing a little bit each day.

These intentional exercises are the first steps to your mental wellness, peace, and clarity during these tough times.

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